.........felt I must send a note to say what a terrific piece of work you have produced. Your new book, just like your first, is an absolute must for anyone involved with our speciality and will have a positive impact on patient care for many years to come. Thank you for producing it........


                                                                       Mark Cutler  FIMPT GradCGI(Lond.)-U.K



......just to let you know your book has arrived safely.  Thanks very much.  Lots of first class info and I know it will be well thumbed as various patients are presented to me.

Wishing you all the best for the future and the success of your excellent publication.


Peter.A.Bowman LCGI,MIMPT - U.K


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ...............And finally, I´d like to say, your                                                                                         new book is a treasure of knowledge in                                                                                      the field of  anaplastology!!!


                                                                                 Tomaz Maver - Slovenia



Your textbook is great, I am reading it cover to cover and I may have a few questions for you in a bit. It is very well-done and I commend you for your open, sharing attitude. It is rare to find that these days. Teaching is so important and we do need to pass techniques on to others don’t we. It is also extremely important to give credit where it is due.......


                                                                                Wendy Smith - Canada



  ...............Allison and I are already                                                                                                benefiting from the book with a new                                                                                             glasses/nasal case. Also, I thought I                                                                                           had a unique meatal defect a few years                                                                                      ago, but not so!


                                                                                  Greg  Gion - USA



........I am working through your excellent book.  By the way, this is the second book written by you that I have.


Jose de Barros Vianna - South Africa



 Congratulations on your recent book. I recently                                                                          purchased the book,  which promises to be a useful                                                               resource to us here in the Anaplastology Clinic.......I                                                                 have had opportunities to read portions of your book                                                               and note that the techniques are thoroughly and                                                                       comprehensively covered...........  Your technical                                                                        expertise is well known and your book  aptly                                                                              demonstrates that .


                                                                            Jerry Schoendorf - USA



.....the book is excellent....very impressive...


Matt Pilley  MIMPT - U.K



 I have been reading  "The Art of Clinical                                                                                      Anaplastology" with enthusiasm over the months and it has been the most useful book in Maxfac Prosthetics I have  ever read  I constantly  applied the technical information in my patient work..........


                                                                              Richard Lory  MIMPT - U.K



 ...I don’t know how you did it, but the book is

incredibly comprehensive...... I commend you

for your work and generous contribution to our field.


                                                                             Julie Jordan Brown - USA




.....you wrote an excellent book!


                                                                             Jean-Marc Joyal - Canada









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